🍖Pet Treats

There are two types of Pet Treats to choose from that will keep your Pet happy and well-fed:

Regular Pet Treat - Keeps the Pet well-fed for 72 hours

Premium Pet Treat - Keeps the Pet well-fed for 10 days - Grants +2% XP boost from Quests

All Pets are eligible to consume either type of Pet Treat.

Premium Provisions

A new Premium Provisions Power-Up will be available to players to make their Pet Treats even more effective in keeping their Pets well-fed.

This Power-Up increases the duration of each type of treat by the following:

  • Regular Pet Treats: 72 hours → 96 hours

  • Premium Pet Treats: 10 days → 14 days

Premium Provs an allocation of 500 MAGIC and applies to all Pets held in the wallet. Unlike other Power-Ups, Premium Provisions requires a lock-up of at least 14 days, and has a 14-day hold time when cancelled.

Note: If a Pet is fed by a player with the Premium Provisions Power-Up and is then transferred to a wallet without it, it will lose the bonus well-fed time.

Pet Treat Craftin

Each Pet Treat costs Gold and requires a set number of two mutually exclusive ingredients that can be found through Fishing, Foraging, or Gardening Quests.

Gold Cost

  • Regular Pet Treat: 25 Gold

  • Premium Pet Treat: 100 Gold

Item Costs

The following items and amounts can be used in crafting Pet Treats. The number of items used for Premium Pet Treats is 4x the number for Regular Pet Treats. Each treat must be crafted from two different items.

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