📜Road Map

Please note that there are many things that could change the ordering of these priorities including massive traction, breakthrough research, and feedback from the community. In addition, it should be understood that these are projections that we are making to the best of our ability but are subject to many potential disruptions. A Pixel style metaverse combined Gamefi and DeFi that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology.

2023 Q3

Building the community and excitement for the project launch.

White paper Medium articles about tokenomics and phases.

Hero NFTs system releases, including buy, trade, combine, and level up.

Free to Earn Launch.

#2023 Q4

Genesis Gen0 Sale

New token and Decentralized Exchange. Opening the MAGIC and staking to earn.

Decentralized Exchange.

Token launch.

Staking LP Tokens in the Gardens to earn tokens.

Info Site with graphs and data.

2024 Q1

Combat Testing Grounds:Heroes will be able to form parties and compete in regular PVP tournament.

Map Extension:With the release of Lands, our world map expanded in size

Land Release: A new unique set of NFTs, Land, is released. Players are able to own and trade Land plots, which will host different features and events in the future.

2024 Q2

Pet Hatching:Pet Treats, Feeding, and Equipping,set of unique Pets in various rarities and odd variants.

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