Each Hero has not only a class, subclass, and array of stats, but a rarity level as well. Every Summon has a chance to produce Heroes of each rarity level; however, Summoning with more rare Heroes increases the likelihood that the Summoned Hero will be of a higher rarity. Rare Heroes are coveted because each level of rarity corresponds with bonuses to the base stat levels of your Hero.

Rarity Indicators

Rarity and Summoning

The rarity of a Hero is influenced by the rarity of the Heroes used to infuse the Summoning Crystal.


In addition to rarity, every Hero has a small chance of being shiny, which increases if the Summoning Heroes are also shiny. Being shiny makes heroes more popular among the ladies and gentlemen of the court, ensures they never step in dung, and makes their character card shiny. It has no other use in the game.

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