🧙‍♂️Story Background

A long time ago, eight brave heroes came to a mysterious island, which hides countless secrets and unknowns. Each hero represents a different profession and skill, and they are brought together by fate, destined to build a new home on this small island.

The island is a desolate and stranded land with no buildings, no inhabitants, just dense jungle and a vast ocean. But the heroes are not reconciled to the ordinary fate, they are determined to turn this land into a prosperous paradise.

Farmer heroes use their agricultural knowledge and skills to start farming the land and grow various crops. They grow wheat, vegetables and fruits to provide sufficient food for the islanders.

The fishermen heroes turned their eyes to the surrounding ocean. They use superb fishing skills to catch all kinds of seafood and bring rich seafood delicacies to the islanders.

The carpenter heroes used the island's abundant timber resources to build simple huts and wooden facilities. They sculpt beautiful furniture and restore damaged buildings on the island, gradually making the island more beautiful and comfortable.

Miner heroes go deep into the earth to unearth valuable ore and precious gems. They use these valuable resources to build tools, weapons and equipment to improve the lives and defenses of the islanders.

The merchant heroes have established a unique market on the island. They use their smart business acumen to trade the resources and products of the island with the outside world. They brought prosperity and economic development to the island.

Hunter heroes are proficient in hunting and wilderness survival skills, they protect the island from the beasts and bring back delicious prey. They are the guardians of the island residents and also provide the island with valuable food resources.

Sorcerer heroes have mysterious magical powers, and they use magic to protect the island, heal injuries, and even change the power of nature. They integrated magic into the development of the island, making the island full of magic and magic.

Engineer heroes are proficient in mechanics and engineering. They design and build various mechanical devices to make the island's infrastructure more advanced and efficient. They have made great contributions to the technological development of the island.

Together, these eight heroes have built an island of energy and opportunity. Their efforts attracted more residents, and the island gradually developed into a prosperous city. However, the story of the island is not over, and more adventures and challenges are waiting for these heroes. They will face unknown dangers and mysterious forces, explore the secrets deep in the island, and lead the residents of the island towards a more brilliant future.

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