๐Ÿง€Pet Feeding

Pet Hunger

At any given time, a Pet is either hungry or not hungry. Pets will only provide bonuses when they are not hungry. Feeding a Pet with a Pet Treat will make it well-fed and not hungry for a period of time, allowing those bonuses to go into effect.

Pet Treats will keep Pets well-fed between 3 days and 14 days, depending on which treat they are fed, and whether the player has the Premium Provisions Power-Up (more on both of these below).

When a Pet is first bonded to a Hero, it must be fed a Pet Treat, which will set its โ€œHungry Atโ€ status to an appropriate time in the future. Pets cannot be fed again until they are within 12 hours of being hungry (โ€œfeedableโ€).

When a Pet is fed, its โ€œHungry Atโ€ time is increased by the duration of the Pet Treat, regardless of how soon it was fed. Therefore, there is no penalty for feeding a Pet as soon as it is eligible to be fed.

Pets can only be fed while bonded to a Hero, but not while that Hero companion is questing or meditating.

Pet bonuses for questing are applied at the time that the quest is completed. If a Pet goes hungry before a quest is completed, its bonuses will not be applied, so be sure to keep your Pets fed before sending them out on their adventures!

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