Hero Ranks

Summoning with Heroes that have the appropriate genes can result in genetic mutation that results in a higher ranked Hero being Summoned. The chart above displays the genetic combinations needed to Summon each possible Hero class.

Heroes of higher rank have better starting stats and stat growth parameters than those of ranks below them. However, a side effect of their advanced abilities is that they require more Crystal to perform a Summon than Heroes of lower ranks. In addition, higher-ranked Heroes are more difficult for the Portal to have a chance to locate, so higher-ranked Heroes have lower maximum summons than lower-ranked ones. The chart above displays the Crystal requirements for higher-ranked and the maximum number of Summons that higher-ranked classes can receive on Summoning.

Basic -

Farmer: Good at farming, breeding and agricultural production, providing food and resources for the island.

Fishermen: Proficient in fishing and the utilization of marine resources, providing rich seafood for island residents.

Carpenter: Specialized in carpentry, responsible for building and restoring buildings and woodwork on the island.

Miners: Good at mining ores and gems, providing the island with rich mineral resources.

Merchant: Good at trade and transactions, and promote economic exchanges between the island and the outside world.

Hunter: Proficient in hunting and wild survival skills, providing food and protection for the island.

Magician: Possesses powerful magic power and can perform various magic skills to provide magic support for the island.

Engineer: Proficient in mechanics and engineering, responsible for machinery manufacturing and infrastructure construction on the island.

Advanced -

Farming and Fishing Experts: Produced by mutations of farmers and fishermen, master both farming and fishing skills, and provide higher-yielding agricultural products and marine resources.

Wood Mining Expert: Mutated by carpenters and miners, they are good at both woodworking and miner skills, and provide building materials and precious ores for the island.

Merchant Hunter: Generated by mutations of merchants and hunters, combining business acumen and hunting ability to explore new business opportunities and wild resources.

Magical Engineer: Produced by mutations of magicians and engineers, they combine magic and technology to create powerful magic machines and devices.

Elite -

Agriculture and fishery engineers: Produced by mutations of agriculture and fishery experts and wood mining experts, combine agriculture, fishery and engineering technologies to improve the comprehensive ability of agricultural products, marine resources and engineering construction.

Merchant Mage: Produced by mutations of merchant hunters and magic engineers, they combine business talents and magic skills to master the power of commercial magic and mysterious transactions.

Exalted -

Island Guardian: This hero is the supreme guardian of the island, possessing extraordinary wisdom and mysterious power. They create a harmonious relationship with the island's natural elements and elves.

Hero Rarity

The chart above illustrates the likelihood that pairing Heroes of given rarities will result in a Summoned Hero of a given rarity.

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