๐Ÿ’ฐPet Bonuses

A huge range of bonuses will be available to Pets, including those that apply to all quests as well as those for specific quest types.

Base Experience (XP) Bonus

Every Pet, when bonded and fed, provides a static bonus to the experience gained by the Hero while questing. Unlike the Gathering Profession Bonus, this XP Bonus applies to all quests that the Hero performs.

A Petโ€™s experience bonus is determined by its rarity as follows:

These XP bonuses stack with any other effects that provide bonus XP, including the Quick Study Power-Up and the โ€œEfficientโ€ Gathering Profession Bonuses detailed below.

Gathering Profession Bonuses

Every Pet has a Gathering Profession Bonus that is tied to the type of egg that it is hatched from. These bonuses are only active when the bonded Hero is engaged in that specific gathering quest.

Gathering Profession Bonuses have two parts to them that are randomly assigned: 1) the type of bonus itself, and 2) a โ€œscalarโ€ value that determines how effective the bonus is. Both of these are determined by the rarity of the bonus itself (e.g. 1-star, 2-star, 3-star).

Bonus Type Each gathering profession has a range of different bonuses that can be assigned to a Pet, as shown in the infographic below. Most of these are consistent between bonus rarities, but some are only available to Pets with Rare or Mythic bonuses.

Scalar Value The scalar value of a bonus determines the exact level of increase to the bonus itself. These values all fall within a specific range that increases depending on the rarity of the bonus. Note that the ranges for each rarity do not overlap, so a higher rarity bonus will be always be more effective than a lower rarity bonus of the same type.

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